Air-Supported Dome 2022

Bloom-Vernon Local Schools to Expand Athletics with New, Air-Supported Dome Facility 

SOUTH WEBSTER, OH, October 12, 2022 --– Bloom-Vernon Local Schools is building a new 21,000-square-foot air-supported athletic facility with two indoor courts to meet the District’s need for additional athletic space. Health and safety are also drivers of this project, as the dome will create additional square footage for the District to utilize in the event of a pandemic. By taking proactive measures now, the District will be prepared to spread out students and staff during physical and classroom activities, should another public health emergency arise. The dome will be located east of South Webster Jr. and Sr. High School near the soccer field and track. Currently, the District’s shared indoor athletic spaces are facing capacity challenges as the limited court space is in high demand by the basketball and volleyball teams across various grade levels. This new facility will create a comfortable space for indoor practices and elementary games throughout the winter. It will also enable the high school teams to continue practicing on the game floor at South Webster Jr./Sr. High School with fewer elementary and junior high teams requesting time on the court. While the new dome is intended primarily for use by students, the District plans to open the space for community use as well.

Bloom-Vernon Local Schools has taken an innovative approach to this project by selecting an air-supported dome as the structure to house athletic events. The dome, comprised of durable, vinyl-coated polyester fabric, will have a long life and be resilient against natural elements. The material is fire, stain, and fade resistant, while still being fully customizable in color and translucency. In addition, sunlight (UV radiation), cold, mildew, or chemical pollutants pose little risk as the material is further treated to protect against these potential stressors.

Since the dome will be air-supported, mechanical heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment is a major component of the project. The structure will be supported by dependable mechanical equipment custom-designed to suit the specific requirements of this structure. The main heat and inflation unit will maintain the shape of the dome by constantly monitoring the internal pressure and adjusting the amount of fresh air introduced into the structure. While the air travels through the unit, a heat exchanger will warm the air, keeping the facility at the optimum temperature for athletes and fans. The facility is designed with reliability in mind and has backup equipment in place to keep the dome inflated in virtually any conditions. 

Compared to other common building types, the air-supported structure will perform well in terms of efficiency, aligning with the District’s efforts to maintain low energy and operational costs. The structure is designed to include an energy-efficient third layer and insulation to keep heating and cooling costs low. In addition, due to the unique dome shape, combined with the liner material’s superior ability to reflect light, the facility will require fewer artificial lighting fixtures than a standard indoor sports facility. The dome will also feature an overhead skylight to introduce natural daylight into the enclosed space for a more wide-open atmosphere. Overall, the dome is an innovative solution with financial advantages, including lower construction costs and minimal maintenance relative to other structure types. 

Bloom-Vernon plans to utilize local contractors to complete this project. Veregy has been contracted as the construction manager at-risk. In addition, VSWC Architects is the architect of record, and the structure will be designed by The Farley Group. The project kicked off in May and is anticipated to be complete in 2023. 

Bloom Vernon Local Schools Superintendent, Marc Kreischer, commented on the project, “The Bloom-Vernon Local School District is excited to provide additional opportunities for our students through the air-supported dome structure project. The facility will be utilized during school and after-school hours. This will also allow for an increase in spacing if another public health emergency were to arise. We look forward to the structures opening this school year.”

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