Thanks for contributing to the success of the Jeep Nation’s Success! Thanks for being a Gold Card Patron for Renaissance as it celebrates 30 years of improving student achievement!  

Renaissance has promoted student success for many years giving away tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes and trips.  Last year, this unique program gave away $11,600!  Renaissance is a homegrown organization run by students that encourages good grades and attendance.  Renaissance is the backbone of our culture expecting incredible rigor mixed with some fun.  More importantly our high school excels.

  • South Webster High School 

    • Has the highest student and staff attendance rate year in and year out of any high school in the county

    • Has the most Ohio end course exam results over the state average of any high school in the county

    • Offers 51 college credit hours through dual enrollment and AP, more than any high school in the county

    • Involves 40% of our student body in the high school musical

    • Involves 1/3rd of our student body in Drug Free Clubs of America

    • Continues to field mock trial teams that advance beyond district competition to regionals 

    • Continues to add more names to our ‘ACT Hall of Fame’

    • Continues to have a higher percentage of students earning Gold, Silver, Red, or White Renaissance cards through good grades and attendance

    • Has added a Junior High Renaissance program. 


Thank you to our Gold Card Patrons!


Cathy and John Grimm

*Adam Rice

*Andy & Kylie Fenton

*Brianne Hanes

*Caitlyn Hanes

*Captain Nathan DeCamp, U.S. Army 

*Cheyenne Weakley

*Chris Castle (2002)

*Derek, Amber and Ollie Rowe

*Dr Ali Shuff Boswell, DO

*Ellie Johnson

*Emily Raison DeCamp

*Erin & Arrick Wiseman Family

*Jordan Lower

*Justin Lower

*Kelsi Holstein

*Lt. Denver Fuller

*Lt. Kyle Fuller 

*Natalie DeCamp Allen

*Nic and Molly Cartee

*Rose Stephens 

*Ryan Fenton

*Seth & Andrea Ashley

*Wes Loop

*Zane Platt-Faulkner, PsyD 

*Zane Smith

Alex and Mikaylah Moore

Alisa and Patrick & Riley Burnett

Andy Hanes

Angie, Jason, Gavin & *Grace Baker

Atomic Credit Union

Becky Mowery Climer

Bill, Jane and *Grace Raison

Brennan and Elaine Skeens

Brett Roberts Family

Brooks Snyder 

Bryson Hanley

Carson and Bria Corriell

Carson Coriell

Chad and Tasha Smith

Charlie and *Brody Boggs

Cheryl and Rick Bowman

Chistina Scott

Cindy and Larry Sherman

Cyndy Hykes

Dan, Amber, Austin & *Ethan Bloomfield

Doug and Dody Sommer

Dr Teresa Martin & Baylee, Jonah, and Chloe

Elijah Piatt

Eric, Vanessa, Dakota, Brycin, and Charlotte McClintic

Gabe Havens Family

Hannah & Brandon Moore

Harveena and John Fenton

Ivan and Lovealee Blevins 

Jade Horner Perkins

Jake Lavender

Jake Stillwell, PFC US Army and *Emma Edwards

Jason, Lindsay, Kate, Braden, and Mia Mantel

Jeff and Carla Lower

Joe &Kristy Belford Family

Jon, Becky, and Aiden Baldridge 

Josh and Gretchen Horner

Kaci and Lynlee Orin

Kaltenbach Family

Keith and Kim Shamhart

Keslar Family

Kianna Hagen (*Brandi)

Kim and Carl Rice 

Krystal and Lauren Hill

Lavita, Stephen and *Stefan Kempf

LeAnn, Brooklyn and *Connor Scott

Lifted Ministries 

Lori and Sean Morton

Marc, Haley, and *Marley Kreischer

Maria Swick and Family

Mason and Brady Blizzard

Meacee Johnson 

Megan, Pete, Campbell and Brayden Weist

Melissa Spergin

Missy, Lexi, and Andrew Smith

Mitch, Jeanette, and Katie McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Fulk and Logan

Mr. and Mrs. Ty Roberts

Ms. Judy Ellsesser

Nicole and Nathan Hughes 

Oddie and Karen Lawhun

Paul and Adele White 

R & R Tent Rentals 

Rev. Dr. Scott Holley

Rick Carrington

Rob, Nicki, Caden and Foster Johnson 

Robert Johnson

Sarah and Dawson Walker

Scioto Hills Christian Camp

Scott and Heidi Holstein

Scott, Pam and *Jared Bruns

Shawn, Jennifer & Tyler Sommer

SPC Anthony Salzbrun

State Representative Mark and Kelli Johnson

Stephen and Lori Carpenter

Tabitha, Jeremy, *Aubrey, Avery, Aiden & Skiver

Tara Cooper and Madison Bowen

The Honorable Judge Michelle Allen Hackman 

Tim and Nancy Horner

Tim Conley and Family

Tracie, Delaney and *Braden Martin

Trena, Scott, Jay & *Breanna Stewart 

Willow Star Bazaar

Zen Exit Records (Danny Stephens and Beau Stephens)

Whitley and Josh Wright


*indicates former Renaissance Board Members