The 110th Annual Commencement at South Webster High School will take place
Sunday, May, 22, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. Pending completion of all local and state
requirements the following seniors are candidates for graduation:

*^Gavin Baker, Harmon Barry, Alexander Bayless, Elijah Blake, ^Brooklyn
Blanton, Brady Blizzard, Roger Bobst, *^+Brody Boggs, Menada Brown, Devin
Burk, Cameron Carpenter, *Allison Clarke, *^+Briana Claxon,* ^Graciana
Claxon, *^+Caden Conley, Jacob M. Cook, *^Jacob Riley Cook, Violet
Cunningham, *^+Emilie Dixon, Leilani Duckett, Dayvien Evans, ^Kelsey
Fitzgerald, Faith Fulk, Rease Hall, Samuel Hanes, *+Paige Harrell, Josiah
Hollback, TJ Horr, Sammy Howard, Lane Hurst, Jazmen Jones, Jasmine Justice,
^+Sophie Knight, *^Kylie Lore, *^+Faith Maloney, *^Kaleb Mantle, Colin
Marshall, Jonah Martin, Natalie McCarter, Hannah McCleese, ^Cylee McFann,
Olivia McGraw, ^Rylee McGraw, Kelsey McKnight, Dylan Meadows, Chimaira
Minton, JJ Rawlins, Molly Rose, Hunter Sizemore, Russell Slone, *^Hannah
Smith, Makenna Smith, Eon Spears, Clay Stephens, Gabe Stiles, Blake Vickers,
Michael Wagoner, Trae Zimmerman. *National Honor Society, ^ Honors
Diploma, + National English Honor Society

This year South Webster will recognize five Valedictorians, all graduating with a
perfect 4.00. They are: Brody Boggs, son of Kelly Wright and Charlie Boggs.
Brody will be attending the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and pursuing
a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Briana Claxon, daughter of Darcee and Corey
Claxon will attend Gannon University to pursue a degree in Bio-Medical
Engineering and will also play on the women’s basketball team. Caden Conley,
son of Melissa and Tim Conley will attend Ohio University, Athens, pursuing a B.
S. in Pychology. Emilie Dixon is the daughter of Amy Collins and John Dixon.
Emilie will attend The Ohio State University majoring in Wildlife Science. Faith
Maloney, daughter of Nikki and Jeremy Maloney will be attending Mount Vernon
Nazarene University majoring in nursing and also playing for the women’s
volleyball team. 

This year’s Salutatorian is Paige Harrell. Paige is the daughter of

Stephanie and William Clifford. She will be going to Payne Crest Electric with
IBEW Local 575 to start her career.