I would like to welcome all students and staff back for another school year. We expect this year to be an excellent opportunity for student success and personal growth. I would like to welcome three new staff members to our building. Ms. Andrea Cline is our new Guidance Counselor, Mr. Anthony Sheets is our new Jr. High Language Arts teacher and Mr. Briggs Shoemaker is our new Vocational Agriculture Instructor. Welcome aboard. You will make great new additions to the “Jeep Family.”

We strive to offer our students the very best educational opportunities at South Webster. We take great pride in our students academic and extracurricular achievements. Our teachers and coaches are second to none in their efforts to ensure all students are successful and prepared for college and careers.

This year we have partnered with Zane State College (ZSC) and Shawnee State University (SSU) for dual enrollment opportunities. Our students may now take English 1500, 2450, 2500, and 2600 through ZSC. Math 1100, 1150, 1200, and 1250 through SSU, Biology 1120, Psychology 1101, History 1330 & 1340, and Art 1101 through SSU. All classes are taught by our teachers in our building during the regular school day. We are able to offer our students 42 hours of college credit through either dual enrollment or AP courses. We are very proud of this fact, and we strive to offer even more opportunities for our students in the future.

Our support staff of bus drivers, cooks, custodians and secretaries also take great pride in meeting student needs and ensuring safe travel, nutritious meals and clean facilities for students.

We are dedicated to the motto, “Doing what’s best for kids,” at South Webster Jr./Sr. High School. Our faculty, staff, and administration will continue to live up to that motto and work diligently to make every student’s experience a positive one.

If I can be of assistance or answer any questions, please feel free to contact me via telephone or email.

“Go Jeeps!”

Brett Roberts, Principal