S.W.H.S. SCHOOL SONG “On South Webster”

On South Webster, on South Webster

Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight

On to vict’ry, never falter

Do your best tonight

On to victory, on to victory

Don’t give up the fight

Come boys and do your best

And win tonight

W-E-B-S-T-E-R, W-E-B-S-T-E-R

Spell it, Yell it, WEBSTER

S.W.H.S. ALMA MATER “Hail to South Webster High”

Back to old South Webster High

Back to memories we cherish

Of school days long gone by

Back to all that’s true and sacred

To meet old friends and classmates

Of this and other years

Hail to South Webster High

The school we all love

May we ever proudly own her

No matter where we rove

Let’s all stand firm together

Through the years that swiftly fly

To serve our Alma Mater

Our dear old Webster High

Let us all be true as classmates

And gather every year

May we ever hold our Alumni

A rendezvous most dear

May friendship’s torch burn brighter

And never, never die

As we pass the years together

At old South Webster High